How to recover from a ransomware attack? 

Ransomware attacks can be used against any business, no matter the size. You just need one unsuspecting employee to click a malicious link. That will download malicious software to cost you a breach of valuable business and company data.  

Ransomware attacks require a specific cost in exchange for the ability to re-access. Sounds like a hostage scheme but with your company’s data hence the term ransomware.  

In 2021 alone, SonicWall Capture Labs’ researcher discovered 495.1 million ransomware attacks. This is a whopping 128% increase from 2020’s figures, with ransomware demands going as high as 518% in the half of 2021 alone, thus representing a major business threat.  

With such shocking numbers, here are seven steps to counter them:

Have a Comprehensive Cyber Security Incident Response Plan (CIRP) 

Did you know that a ransomware attack happens every 39 seconds? If not, this is the sign to take on a measure to make sure you and your business are not the next victims in the next 39 seconds.  

This plan should be comprised of three layers: first is protecting yourself from the attack. The second is having the CIRP – a strategy that identifies and organizes your business’s actions to fend off an attack, minimize potential damages, and help you begin a lengthy recovery process.  

The third is the recovery itself; this is critical in identifying the attack’s aftermath and the phase where damage control begins. The more time you spend with recovery, the more impact it has on your business and the fewer chances of you minimizing the damage. 

Implement a corporate data back-up 

Back-up is of paramount priority when it comes to the digital workspace. However, it is often overlooked in terms of cyber security practices. Take Microsoft Office Suite as an example. The platform is resilient as it could be against attacks. However, anything stored there is out of Microsoft’s responsibility, thus lacking comprehensive data backup mechanisms.  

Most companies rely on Microsoft office tools for data handling and processing, with 60% storing as much sensitive data as 75% of those not backed up. RED IT Solutions offer backup plans to suit your needs; contact us here. 

Employ the 3-2-1 data backup rule 

  • This rule simply states that you should have at least three copies of every data that’s stored on two different types of media, and one of those copies should not exist somewhere around inside your company’s native premises. This ensures that no data is lost if you experience a breach. 

Understand the New Ransomware Incident Reporting mechanics 

  • As you are all familiar with, the Australian government has imposed legislation that requires companies relying on digital tools to report incidents of ransomware attacks. This is the same for enterprises that earn more than $10 million per year or face litigation. 

Protect your work and processes with DRaaS solutions 

  • Considering the prevalence of cyberattacks, implementing a disaster recovery solution is essential to any cybersecurity strategy. Maintaining an offsite backup facility where your data was stored on expensive storage devices was necessary. Still, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions has transformed how businesses of all sizes and shapes safeguard their data. 

Train your employees 

  • For your cybersecurity strategy to be effective, your employees must be your most vital link. Despite 90% of organizations claiming that they trained their employees in phishing awareness, a report from the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) indicates that human error is responsible for 18% of data breaches. Phishing emails are often the beginning of successful cyberattacks against organizations. 

Test your ransomware recovery plan 

When it comes to executing ideas and plans, they often fall apart. Cybersecurity is a prime example of this. Cyber threats are evolving right along with the business world daily.  

You will never be able to determine if there are interdependencies, gaps, and areas that need improvement. If you do not periodically test your entire cybersecurity strategy, cyberattacks happen. This includes your ransomware recovery plan. You must develop a ransomware recovery plan that is flexible enough to respond to the various types of cyberattacks that may occur. 

Lay out your step right now with RED IT Solutions! Your partner in cyber security. We will help you prepare your systems against threats and possible attacks exactly before they happen and cost you the business you have always dreamed of. Book an appointment now and let us discuss how we can help. 



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