What are Microsoft Cloud Services?

Regarding small-medium enterprises, Microsoft Cloud Services are a terrific way to process and facilitate data without maintaining physical servers and costly data centers.  

Companies and businesses like yours benefit from services like these, especially regarding operation costs and maintenance. Microsoft Cloud also offers streamlined compatibility that allows you to be fluid and have secure access anywhere, anytime.  

Microsoft markets its cloud services as Microsoft Azure which gives a broad range of products suitable for any business type and needs. The main advantage of having Microsoft Azure in your business is you do not have to do the dirty work of maintaining cumbersome servers and dealing with security threats. Microsoft will do everything for you on this platform, so what services does Microsoft Azure offer? 

Microsoft Azure offerings: Microsoft offers you almost 200 services on the platform classified into these categories:  

  • AI + machine learning  
  • Analytics  
  • Compute  
  • Containers  
  • Databases  
  • Developer Tools  
  • DevOps  
  • Hybrid + multi-cloud  
  • Identity  
  • Integration  
  • Internet of Things  
  • Management and governance  
  • Media  
  • Migration  
  • Mixed Reality  
  • Mobile  
  • Networking  
  • Security  
  • Storage  
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure  
  • Web  

With such a package, Microsoft will offer you the service you and your business need. You do not have to avail each service, though. It is up to you and Microsoft to determine your needs with their consulting group. 

Advantages of Using Microsoft Azure 

The adoption of digital computing and cloud-computing services has become the norm no matter what kind of business you have. The world’s largest firms, including 95% of Fortune 500 companies, use Microsoft Azure. The reason behind it is the economy of scale and costs as fewer and fewer companies maintain their local servers and switch to more efficient cloud services. 

Reduced overall costs 

On-site servers in capital intensive. They need specialized spaces to operate and maintain, not to mention the actual costs of running them.  

Cloud services eliminate physical servers for their operation, thus lowering the overall cost for your business and more money to spare for investments and growth. 

Enhanced cyber security 

Before cloud-based services took the business world by storm, some analysts doubted their ability to foster cybersecurity due to its digital nature. Companies then opted for operating their own data centers to control the flow of sensitive information better.  

However, those days are over, and cloud-computing services were proven secure and more secure by some measures compared to in-house infrastructure. To give you a picture of how cyber security evolved in these, Microsoft spends more than $1 billion US per year on security.  

Microsoft offers hybrid solutions in their Azure platform to give you unparalleled levels of security for highly regulated businesses requiring more protection than what meets the eye. 

Suitable for any business 

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based service that is so flexible and affordable for businesses that cannot host, operate, or rent physical servers.  

It is important to note that Azure bills on an as-needed basis, which means the cost scale depends on its growth and rate of usage. 

Ease of deployment 

  • Using and deploying Microsoft Azure in your business’s systems is quick and straightforward. No need for expensive hardware and other related software; you need a simple subscription, and you will be up and running in no time. 

Why Microsoft Azure? 

Hologram projector screen with cloud system technology

Microsoft is a name to go by regarding services like this. The company is almost synonymous with everything related to software. These services are familiar to many with the existing at the same time in the landscape. 

What Azure product do you need? 

As we have mentioned, the Azure platform is home to over 200 cloud services. So, it can be quite hard on which one to use. So, in venturing into the platform, choosing a Microsoft-certified service provider is always an innovative idea to give you the needed head start on what your company needs. We at Red IT Solutions can provide optimized Microsoft Azure services that will suit your business needs, so you will not waste money on products you do not need. 

Red IT Solutions, your gateway to Microsoft Azure 

If you are planning to migrate your business to cloud-based solutions, Red IT Solutions is a surefire provider that could help you make the most of your Microsoft Azure plan without the hassle.  

Contact us and book a consultation regarding Microsoft Azure services and let us start moving towards limitless growth. 



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