What to expect from your managed service provider when it comes to online safety & cyber security

What to expect from your managed service provider when it comes to online safety & cyber security?
Cyber Security

If you’ve outsourced your IT Support to a Managed Service Provider (MSP), it’s probably a good idea to know just what areas of your technology they are looking after. One particular area you want to pay attention to is the security of your data & your online safety.

Let’s have a read of a few things you should be thinking about when it comes to this stuff & whether your MSP is in fact doing it.

The importance of taking cyber security serious in your business.

Cyber Security attacks continue to grow daily as more & more businesses fall victim to the various scams & schemes being thrown at them. This increase has in turn seen security become a key deciding factor on how businesses spend their technology budget overall

To strengthen this argument, the government lead, Australian Cyber Security Centre has developed a cybersecurity framework to help businesses in mitigating cyber threats. Dubbed the ‘Essential Eight’, this viewed as the minimum requirements to guarantee a secure business & IT environment for your company.

What does an MSP or Managed Service Provider typically cover?

Typically, an MSP or IT Contractor will tend to only look after the services they provide – Cyber security is rarely on the list as it takes specialisation & experience.

Lets look at what these typical service are;

  • IT help desk or on-call remote help
  • Computer or ‘end point’ management
  • Managed infrastructure or ‘tech equipment’ and other office hardware
  • Managed backups
  • Managed applications
  • Managed networks and firewalls
  • Cloud storage
  • IT project management
  • …and more!

While these services are essential to keeping a business running, cyber & the emerging threats it is presenting now requires a different approach to traditional IT Support.

Enter Red IT Solutions Managed Security Service. Providing you not just IT Services but also IT Security.

Red IT Solutions’ specialisation & experience in system security means that in addition to the aforementioned essential/typical services we can provide the following critical services;

  • Application control
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • IT environment hardening
  • Device compliance management
  • Behavioural analytics
  • Cybersecurity awareness training
  • Essential Eight framework management

But what does all this mean for you right now?

Well firstly, ask whoever is looking after your IT & technology needs what they are doing to protect your business from these threats? If they can’t confidently address these critical services listed before & prove how your business is being protected, well, then it’s time to consider what happens next. If protecting your business against these threats is even slightly on your radar, then be sure to get in touch with Red IT Solutions today discuss how we can help manage your technology needs & help your business stay safe online.



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